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An artist with a caribbean culture raised in the south.



Born July 15th, 1987, Ahmad Pinder better known as 80p had no idea that his future would include music. Coming up in America as an immigrant from the Bahamas, adapting was more than just a task. It took time for him to find a hobby that really interested him. When he reached the age of 15, his high school teacher at Bayshore High in Bradenton, Fl. gave him software to make music. Inspired by artist and producers like Pharell, Swizz Beats, Kanye West, and Pete Rock, Ahmad learned all the ins and outs of the software and used it as a stress reliever to get away from the struggles of everyday life. After day in and day out of constant beatmaking, 80p decided to take his new found talent to another level. Hoping to gain pocket change, he soon discovered that his style of music was a different sound from others. With such a complex sound, and no one understanding the construction behind his beats, he took it one step further and started writing. Although he wasn't perfect, he knew he had found his niche and held the motivation to press forward. Releasing his first mixtape, Wedding Crashers, September of 2011, 80p knew that he had found his calling. Receiving tons of positive feedback he pushed forward to release his second mixtape, Chicken and Sushi July 2012. He may not be signed to a major label yet but with potential, ambition and stamina like his, there's no doubt his name wont be household within the next couple years.


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